The Smart Money is on Payrailz®.

Smarter experiences enabled through a combination of intuitive interactions and robust capabilities.

Action Insights®

Go beyond expectations with Action Insights, which makes recommendations to end users based on their payment and money-movement activity.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed makes it easier for end users to see where their money is going – and make better money-movement decisions – by presenting the information in an easy to read format.

PayDot (in development)

PayDot brings payment functionality front and center and integrates it throughout the entire digital experience, making payments more accessible than the traditional approach.

Conversational Payment Services

Make payments conversational when you combine our platform’s AI-powered intuitive payment experiences with the convenience of using voice-enabled devices or messaging bots.

Same Experience Across Any Device

Do everything across an array of user touchpoints -- online, mobile, voice and text.

Interactive Notifications

Experience the simplicity and convenience of predictive, proactive and actionable notifications designed to provide an insightful and Do It For Me® payments experience.

Modernized Customer Service

Ontrac® (Administrative System and Support Portal) from Payrailz extends a meaningful user experience to the financial institutions’ support teams so that their customer/member service can be as smart and intuitive as our payment experiences.

API Integration

Payrailz' APIs can enable payment integration to be tailored to your digital experience. Our robust library of APIs support all of the smart payment and money movement features offered through our platform.