CU Railz

It's time for Credit Unions to collaborate on the payments experience and leapfrog the competition. Introducing CU Railz, a CUSO that enables credit unions to deliver Payrailz' smarter payments experience, an experience that exceeds member expectations and differentiates with a solid group of features and benefits.

  • Take Control

    CU Railz is a new credit union service organization (CUSO) founded to enable credit unions to take control of their future by partnering with Payrailz to collaborate on new, innovative payment technologies and services that will revolutionize the payments experience. The CUSO was specially created to provide credit unions with access to Payrailz' solutions and advantages.

  • Stay Competitive

    Credit unions need next-generation products and services to better compete in an ever-changing banking landscape. To succeed in this environment, they must collaborate on a large scale on strategic technology investments and leverage their collective influence – through group buying and/or equity ownership – to ensure that technology solutions meet the needs of today and continue to meet the needs of tomorrow.

  • Offer Better Technology

    Payrailz’ payment services leverage an innovative, smart platform based on AI technology that enables credit unions to create unique digital payment experiences and build valuable digital relationships with both consumers and businesses. Payrailz’ PayWayz® smart routing technology and its Action Insight Generator™ make proactive, intelligent and personalized insights and provide the ability to take action on those insights to build stronger relationships with members and ensure they stay financially healthy.

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CU Railz is jointly owned by its credit union members and Payrailz and provides Digital Payment Services in an exclusive agreement with Payrailz to the members of the CUSO.

The CUSO is open to all CUs and other CUSOs and all Credit Union contracts will be part of the CUSO.

CU Railz is a proud member of the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO).

To learn more about Payrailz’ “next-generation digital
payments offerings” available through an innovative CUSO model click here.