March 11, 2021

CUNA News interview with Mickey Goldwasser

March 08, 2021

Article and audio recording can be access on the original publisher’s site by clicking here.


Payrailz strives to give consumers a digital member experience that allows the credit union to handle routine tasks without the consumer having to do anything.

“Smart makes the difference,” says Mickey Goldwasser, vice president of marketing and chief of staff at Payrailz. “That’s using technology not for technology’s sake, but because it serves the purpose of solving a challenge. And the challenge is innovation.”

During a conversation with CUNA News, Goldwasser talks about technology  that provides a “wow” digital experience, the “do it for me” concept, and ways Payrailz sets itself apart.

Payrailz is a CUNA Associate Business Member at the associate level.

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